16 Jun 2008

Oil Price is UP again

The world oil price UP again, and if this continues the price of foods also goes UP. Consumers are looking for solutions to reduce their spending on fuels. Carpools, converting their vehicles to run on NGV (Natural Gas Vehicle), selling/ trading their vehicle for more fuel efficient cars. Some start gardening at their backyard so that they will save spending money shopping for foods at the supermarket.

2 Jun 2008

Duffy or Amy Winehouse?

Which voice is better? Personally I like Duffy voice more than Winehouse. Duffy might have not won any ammy yet but her song in Malaysia is being played in Radio everyday. Lot of listeners requested for her song "Mercy". My Fav song is "Warwick Avenue".

1 Jun 2008

Golf Beginners

I really enjoying life after I resigned my position as Sr. Exec.. No more stress. Now that I have time to burn, I took up golfing lesson. I got tips from youtube. I think my swing is getting better.

Cannot wait to get a handcap so that I could play golf at Nexus Karambunai golf course.

Video below shows how to do the dance golf swing practice.