31 Aug 2009

Mata kucing anyone? RM8/kg

Our mata kucing ripened. Sadly, we cannot eat because we have a weak lung. Makan ja, trus batuk2. We do not want the mata kucing go to waste so.. we're selling it in front of our house in Jln Lotong everyday.

Hehe... We gaji budak2 kampung to look after the fruit stall, help them earn some money too..

30 Aug 2009

River Journey to Kg. Ulu Salinatan, Pensiangan

Recently, I followed the Goshen SDA Church Members Evangelism program to Kg. Ulu Salinatan, Pensiangan.  We all parked our vehicles at Kg. Salung jetty and chartered 14 boats for the river journey.

Wow. The river journey was the best ever journey I experienced, its my first time. "Sakai" bah sya. We started our journey at about 2:30pm and reached our destination almost 8:pm. 

(to be continue.. its lunch time until then happy weekend)

28 Aug 2009


Cake. cake. cake been in my mind the whole month! Mind you, the cakes in KM bukan tak sedap but the test different la... not satisfying.

I am going to KK today, to do some errands for mum. Later... I am going to take my sweet time makan Cake! more like pig-out time kakkakakakaaa....

13 Aug 2009


Yes! at last I got a new laptop. The cheapest bah at PC Fair last week, aspire1 acer RM1399.
My broken laptop LCD will be replaced with LCD Monitor which will be converted to desktop for home use. Pintar ka tidak? hehehee....