13 Sept 2009


Silaka.. my plans going to Tamu Kota Belud ruined. Totally ruined. The vehicle won't start. Tried to tukang2 the vehicle myself I know the battery flat so need to charge it. Wow! A bucket of sweats trying to removed the battery. It seems that the nut and bolt are very tight. So, I called a Mechanic.Stupid of me, not calling the mechanic earlier. Wasting my sweat saja.
When the mechanic arrive, I was right about the battery but... look-see on the condition of the engine it seems.... Ka-ching! Ka-ching! "sigh" .


Kaiserin Sisi said...

Tu lah... dreb sampai hangkang!

TT said...

manada! kie... tu flight p KL mlm ni delay oooo. ETD 2205hrs tulung email aa..

NONG said...

adih..Ty,sya ingat Waja ko yang nda idup..hehee. Tak pa, bateri memang kalau sudah sampai usia, memang hangkang punya.