4 May 2009


I don't know whether I can survive this week! So, much work to do. 
1. PBS Branch AGM -4/5/09
2. Attending courses-4-8/5/09
2. PBS Divisional AGM-11/5/09 
3. Kaamatan Festivel-10/5/09 yahooooOOO! jadik PRO artist AF Marsha and Candy 

God.. please take care my health and my sanity this week while i do all the above volunter works.

Thank you God. Amen.


Kaiserin Sisi said...

bawa lah kokori... if not, water & biscuit pun orait juga!

TT said...

bisuk sya p bili la kalu gitu. Kurus la sya by end of the month muahahahahaaa....

Archie said...

amen juga

Kaiserin Sisi said...

bah... ambi gambar banyak2 nanti! Tampal di blog :-)

TT said...