21 Mar 2009


As promised, I attended my best friend's wedding at Good News Church Iramanis Kolombong and dinner reception at D'Junction Restaurant, Lido.

Friend, after many2 storm at last you found "paling" handsome nice man and with a great sense of humour too, really! when we watched the wedding video "tak kering gusi o.. kami" we laughed "terbahak2 sampai keluar air mata". Especially, the part where the groom pleads the bride's relative to open the front door. They were asked to wear panties, eat wasabi and kena suru nenen botol baby yu.. Wow! the things men do for love... really amazed me *sigh*. 

Congratulation and wish you a happy married life and lots of love *umuah**umuah* From your forever friend and best friend, Letty.

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