11 Mar 2009


Types of Toxic Friends 

1.   The Phony: Always pretending to be something she's not

 2.   The User: Uses you for her own purposes or goals

 3.   The Thief: Constantly takes or borrows your things and never returns them

 4.   The Betrayer: Double-crosses you, what you consider betrayal is up to you  

 5.   The Promise Breaker: Always breaking promises, unreliable & not dependable

 6.   The Daredevil: Takes risks or does things that put you in harms way

 7.   The Cheater: Steals or messes around with your romantic partner 

 8.   The Gossip: Discloses  your confidences, tells your personal business

 9.   The Abuser: Abuses you verbally, physcially, sexually, emotionally 

 10. The Self-Centered: Concerned with her own wants and needs not yours

 11. The Competitor: Wants everything you have and will try and take it from you 

 12.  The Criticizer: Extremely critical and finds fault in everything you do  

 13.  The Copycat: Imitates everything you do, wants to be like you 

 14.  The Regulator: Needs to control you and the friendship

 15.  The Snubber: Rejects and dislikes you and lets you know it 

 16.  The Reliant: Overly dependent on you; very clingy and extremely needy 

 17.  The Shrink: Analyzes everything you do and gives advice constantly  

 18.  The Con Artist: Steals from you by subtle deception or "friendly fraud" 

 19.  The Caretaker: Acts like your parent, needs to be your babysitter or keeper

 20.  The Interloper: Selfishly interferes with every aspect of your life

 21.  The Miserable: Always sad or unhappy and tries to make you feel the same way

 22.  The One Upper: Always trying to be one up on you 

 23.  The Loner: Prefers to be alone than with a friend (you)  

 24.  The Accuser: Blames you for all the problems her life 

 25.  The Lazy Bones: Extremely lazy, constantly wants you to do things for her

 26.  The Stalker: Invades your personal space without your permission 

 27.  The Liar: Lies to you constantly and tries to justify each lie

 28.  The Envious: Extremely jealous of you and what you have

 29.  The Addict: Has a habit so strong that she can't give it up

 30.  The Arrogant: Thinks she is better than you, extremely high level of pride  

 31.  The Know It All: Thinks they're an expert on everything and tries to undermine your

 32.  The Drama Queen: She is full of her own drama, tries to make you part of it

 33.  The Passive Agressive: Uses non-verbal actions to let you know she's upset

 34.  Jekyll and Hyde: Very moody, nice one day and nasty the next 

 35.  Houdini: Always finds a clever way to get out of something

 36.  The Bully: Intimidates you with devious actions, manipulation  and verbal insults

 37. The Runner: Runs formthe truth, responsibility, confrontation and commitment

 38. Doctor Who: Diagnosis every ailment you have and suggests a treatment for it

 39. The Defense Attorney: Won't let you fight your own battles

 40. The Naysayer: A pessimist who is always negative about everything

 41. The Whiner: Acts like a child in an adult's body who whines about everything

 42.  The Gas Lighter: Tries to confuse your perception of reality

 43.  The Emotional Manipulator: Turns things around and blames you for

 44.  The Charmer: The nicest person you've ever meet until she shows her true colors

 45. The Guilt Monger: Tries to make you feel guilty about everything you do  

 46.  The Procrastinator: Puts off until tomorrow what she could do today

 47.  The Religious Hypocrite: Thinks she's holier than thou and more faithful than you

 48.  The Penny Pincher: Very cheap and thrifty, doesn't want to spend her own money 

 49. The Attention Seeker: Wants to be the center of attention all the time

 50. The Perfectionist: Very rigid and inflexible, demands a lot from you 


Kaiserin Sisi said...

hoyo... panjang juga kou punya list ni!

TT said...

Ni la ni, sya sdang bfikir how to get rid of them.
Sya pun toxic mangkali ni entah yang numbur brapa hehehehee....

Raja Mogudan said...

nasib sya yang ke no. 51 hehehehehehhe -:)

TT said...

Srixon.. manada no. 51, ko ni! Rasa2 ko no. 20 dan 26 kakakakaaa...betul kan?

Raja Mogudan said...

alang2 gia tu sya dari No.1 till No.50 lagi famous nie LoL

Little Mike (LM) said...

sya tingu-tingu.. adeeehh ada banyak toxic pula dalam badan sya nie..

n0.12 -adeehh tapi inda extrem la.. half-half sebab sya pendebat amatur tidak bertauliah. Suka melihat kawan, lawan akhirnya mengakui hujah sya tapi tidak sampai mau gaduh2 bah. buli saja selasai

no.17 - saya cepat memberikan reaksi spontan jika itu bertentangan dengan prinsip/kebiasaan

no. 23 - adeehh na matai. selalu sya suka sendiri2. mcm relaks pula sya rasa, inda apa sekalipun kalau laaaaama menyendiri. adeee.. toxic pula juga nie

no 27 - pembohong? penipu? sya tidak ingat bila saya ada buat, tetapi dalam hidup saya, akan tetap berlaku bila ada keperluan... bukan la dngan keadaan melulu.

yang lain2.. mmm no komen... kadang2 dalam waktu tidak sedar ada juga keluar sikap tertentu di antara list ni... huhu..

JMimie said...

Hi Letty...mcm siuk pla mo ikut2 bagi komen di sini.hee..

No 50..my ever biggest problem..hehe. extreme into perfectionism. bkn terlalu rigid atau tiada flexibility tapi terlampau demanding..camana ni?? alamat kena tinggal oleh si"dia" la ni klu gini...hahaha.