1 Feb 2009


Last night I tried to sleep early but simply couldn't. Hmmm… Must be the ice blended Red Guara fault that kept me wide awake. Since I cannot sleep, I switched on my laptop and did some editing on my blogs. Change here and there (notice or not?).

 All of a sudden I felt hungry. Cook supper? Me. No. Lazy.  I looked at my laptop time shows baru 11:30pm ahuh! Jack’s Seafood Restaurant still open. Then, took my car key and drive to Pekan Goshen. I ordered fav “tapau” fried rice with crispy salted fish (plus chicken salad as side order very hungry mar… heheheee...)

 While driving back home with my “tapau”, I saw youths walking funny on the roadside. Sure drunk! I saw one of them is underage alamak what becoming of youths today. Where are their parents? Are they aware, their kids not at home, on the street, drunk?  

Belum habis story story lagi, and then as usual 5:45am in the morning go jogging but not Jln Lotong! I was chased and barked at by crazy dogs near Jln Belanda, mind you big dogs bah! Takut saya. So, I jogged at town padang. Upon arriving near the astaka ahdee… those same youth I saw last night bah, sleeping closely together on the astaka stage. Lucky, those youth are not sleeping on the road. I remembered somewhere 2006 or was it 2007 there was a drunken boy who passed out on the road and run over by a vehicle.  Hot story tu. Attention to all parents in Kota Marudu wasn’t that enough lesson learnt? Hello! *knock**knock* Parents  wake up. 

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