21 Feb 2009


This article is from The Star Online (http://thestar.com.my)

INTERNET has become the most powerful device today to communicate with the rest of the world. It is very easy and fast to communicate with anyone, no matter where one is.

One of the common ways to communicate is through blogs. Blogs are used to express our views on certain topics under discussion.

A string of comments follows the blog topic until it is withdrawn and put into an archive or destroyed.

Normally, when using blogs, the participant keys in the message and once done, it would be uploaded into the blog spot.

The process takes place either instantly or would only be uploaded after the message has been censored and edited.

Which is the best mode for blog messages, free or censored? Many of you might say free. I too prefer the same.

However, there are some irresponsible and inconsiderate individuals who abuse the freedom allowed in blog messages. They use very vulgar and offensive messages in the blogs.

I do understand some teens and those young at heart and also those whose messages are meant to look like that of an opposite sex, just want to have fun .

However, if we left the entertainment and leisure blogs uncensored, it would mean whatever that was keyed in will appear exactly on the screen.

There are some who do not know where to draw the line. Even in the more serious news and educational blogs, they use vulgar and sensitive remarks.

Such nonsense should be stopped before it breaches the tolerance level.

The royals have been the latest victims especially during the political crisis in Perak. The politicians and other celebrities have been their targets for a long time.

The culprits might think no one would know who posted the messages.

On the contrary, the authorities can easily trace them just by referring to the IP Address, Line Number and other latest gadgets.

Hence, they must either be careful using these blogs or face the music if he go overboard.

Let us use the blogs sensibly and responsibly with due consideration.

P. SRITHARAN, Johor Baru.

My advice is berhati-hatilah semasa menyeberangi jalan raya jangan sampai kena saman,  if you know what i mean ; )


Raja Mogudan said...

peduli lah sana tu LeTty yang penting tahap marah gaban sama UMNO dan BN dpt sya luahkan -:)

TT said...


Raja Mogudan said...

i know ko nie penyokong kuat BN tapi jgn lah ko benci sya pula kio -:)

Archie Chi said...

kekekek!!!! kenapa sampai terbalik pula penimbang ko ni... mmg patut terbalik kekeke!!!

TT said...

Chi... p mana ko slama ni? aku sms ko inda balas2 ade...

Raja Mogudan said...

aiks nah LeTtY bf ko kah tu sii Chi? bah ko bawa dia main golf kita pigi main sana sutera harbour, dia tu sdh single handycap dan kaya lagi tu tau lah BOSS tapi kedekut betul -:)

TT said...

Huh! bf? Ko ni BN c Chi tu aku anggap bro aku la...

Bah! Chi dia panggil ko kedekut, camna tu?

Anonymous said...

lols si Mohd BN ni, byk dia hutang sama saya... nanti kalo ada pigi KM, saya mau minta belanja makan. Di Restoran Marudu kekeke!!!

TT said...

Ajak juga sama sia aa....BN. Sia ni jarang2 kana blanja. .. Aku ni sporting bah, cool person... hehehee.. Aku mo makan black paper steak sadap..