27 Feb 2009


I took this picture sometimes last year. I volunteered to help kampung people filled in the Depart. of Social Welfare Forms and took pictures of their homes in Kg. Goshen, Kota Marudu. 

We all know how tough life can be being poor,  but one thing I admire this poor woman in the picture is she never use her poor state to beg charity. In order to support herself she's sells corns and veges at Pekan Sunday Market. She even support her daughter and son-in-law as well! (tsk, tsk, tsk, shame, shame) which lives a few meters behind this poor woman's home. Both of them are still healthy couple and yet cannot support themselves. They have the abilities to find jobs but laziness made them poor. Kaki Loteri lagi tu both of them. You might have stumble or see them riding a bicycle along Jalan Goshen towards Pekan (macam dlm wayang P.Ramlee kasi naik girlfriend di depan basikal bah kakaka...) to buy lottery. 

How I know this, well.. to tell you the truth a few years back my mum tried to help the couple. Give them jobs and a sulap to stay but it turn out "harapkan pagar, pagar makan padi".

I want to say that sometimes we cannot blame others for not helping the poor. Helped were done but they themselves tidak berusaha keluar dari belenggu kemiskinan. To much depends on govt. help. Betul ka tidak? 

Any comments are welcome.


Raja Mogudan said...

kasihan juga dia tu LeTty, sdh dpt bantuan dari JPKA kah tu ? if not try bring her IC n jumpa sya k we try bantu mana yang patut

TT said...

Inda pasti pula.. Camna dia pernah sebut bantuan RM70 ringgit sebulan. Nanti sya tanya dia. Jauh juga o.. mo jalan kaki p sulap dia tu

Nanti sya dpt info dari dia baru sya p cari ko.. thank you kio.

Raja Mogudan said...

now sdh naik bah tu bantuan if age 60 ke atas every month dpt RM300, dia bkn sawo si musa kah tu yang kuat beli 4D -:)